Integrium, LLC Executives to attend Oppenheimer & Co. 29th Annual Healthcare Conference (New York)

By: Kevin Cho

Tustin, CA – Integrium, LLC Executives will be in New York during the Oppenheimer & Co. 29th Annual Healthcare Conference (New York) on March 19th through 20th. February 13th. This conference will showcase to upwards of 200 companies with majority of them in the public faction. We are excited to meet thought leaders and pioneers in the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, life science tools & diagnostics, health technology & distribution, and healthcare facility, provider and service industries.

Looking to meet with various types of organizations, Integrium typically engages in collaboration with startups and investors to discuss new business ventures and ways to work in partnerships. Attendees are encouraged to connect with Integrium for a brief introduction meeting during the conference and can request meeting time-slots by contacting Mike Loftus, Executive Director of Business Development to schedule: