Site Monitoring

Keeping on top of things

Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) are vital members of Integrium’s clinical trial study teams. These professionals are highly-trained team members who work hand-in-hand with investigators and site coordinators to get the results. We never spread our CRAs too thinly across too many accounts or studies to ensure they can dedicate more time to each trial, paying attention to rapid enrollment and documentation, as well ensuring that trials comply with every GCP/ICH guideline.

Because Integrium specializes in cardiovascular, metabolic disease and dermatology trials, our CRAs draw from similar experience when conducting new trials. THis means all their efforts are dedicated to the investigator site, rather than playing catch-up on a learning curve. We have proven standard operating procedures (SOPs) that ensure consistency across the entire study and between CRAs.

Our experienced CRAs also have an understanding of the scientific rationale behind the therapeutics in development, so they always have the bigger picture in mind while managing the day-to-day details of sites. This expertise has resulted in valued relationships between our CRAs and investigators across Integrium’s dynamic network of clinical research sites. A good relationship with a clinical investigator can make all the difference when addressing challenges in a trial.

Integrium is proud to have such capable and passionate individuals monitoring trials on behalf of our clients. The low CRA turnover rate is a testament to the fact that our CRAs are not only dedicated to their projects, but also to Integrium and our focus on top-class research.

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