What we offer

Cardiovascular Core Laboratory Services Tustin

Discover our unparalleled track record in delivering well-executed study work scopes.

Therapeutic Expertise

Therapeutic Expertise

We also have strong clinical trial experience in a range of indications.

What is ABPM?

ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

We are pioneers in ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) in drug development.

Consulting Services

Dermatology trials Tustin

We perform all of our services with the highest levels of customer service.

Proven leadership in cardiovascular, metabolic disease and dermatology trials

Integrium is a full-service clinical research organization (CRO) that focuses on research into the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, and dermatology.

The company is well-equipped to do research and conduct studies that cover all stages of clinical development. This might be a single-site, or first-in-man study (when a procedure is tested on humans for the first time), all the way through to multi-national medical trials with many hundreds of sites and thousands of patients. We are one of the few companies with the scientific, medical and regulatory expertise to be able to set up and run such a wide array of studies.

Integrium’s client base

Integrium’s client base is diverse, consisting of specialty, small, mid-size, and large companies, many of which we have worked with many times over. We have the flexibility and breadth to provide highly customized management services for anything from a multi-study program to functional-level support for an individual trial for biopharmaceutical company clients.

Integrium was founded in 1998 by clinical research thought leaders who had a vision of building a CRO based on therapeutic focus and excellence. These individuals continue to lead the company today and we are now truly international, with offices in North America and South Africa as well as formal alliances with partner CROs regionally and in Europe, Australia, and India.