Planning and Feasibility

Successful Studies need Meticulous Planning

Clinical trials by their very nature are extremely time-sensitive and need to be meticulously planned and monitored from execution to final analysis. Here at Integrium we have expertise in planning our clients' trials down to the very smallest detail so that they don't only get the right clinical results, but also fulfil their marketing goals. Our departments work holistically together and our clients are brought into the process at every stage.

Research is, of course, integral to everything we do at Integrium. It allows us to know what work has already been done in each area and what can be done. Then our expert bio-statisticians and clinicians work together to ensure that client objectives can be achieved. This means anticipating challenges and working out ways to overcome them.

Our commitment to excellence and high levels of expertise have made Integrium the only company in the region with such a thorough understanding of cardiovascular, metabolic disease and dermatology issues and all of our services are delivered with confidence, accuracy and efficiency. We are also able to call on a dependable network of partners who we trust innately for their excellence in patient enrolment, and quality of data.

These networks are vital for planning and determining the feasibility of clinical trials and mitigating any risks.

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