Biostatistics and Statistical Programming

The best in bio-statistics

From the start of each trial through to completion, the bio-statisticians and programmers at Integrium have a clear understanding of the overall goals so they can collaborate with clients, offer insightful analysis and customize data programs to fit clients’ needs. Our experienced staff are involved with and accessible to both internal and external teams at all points during the study. Their contributions are critical to successfully determining study feasibility, developing protocols, and writing accurate reports and materials for publication.

The Bio-statistics and Statistical Programming team is able to deliver a full line of services efficiently and accurately, including:

  • Development of statistical analysis plans (SAP)
  • Randomization schemes
  • Sample size and power analyses
  • Statistical programming to generate top-line results as data summaries and/or data listings
  • Statistical analysis for a variety of study designs
  • Exploratory analyses
  • Analysis of datasets in SAS®
  • Stand-alone statistical reports
  • Clinical study and statistical reports, separated or integrated
  • Regulatory submission support, including integrated summaries of safety and efficacy
  • Analysis database generation
  • Meta-analysis projects
  • Publication support

Integrium's bio-statistics team works very closely with our medical teams and so are well-versed in cardiovascular, metabolic disease and dermatology literature. This means they can collaborate to quickly develop protocols and reports that are meaningful to the medical community at-large.

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