Patient Recruitment

Pre-Screening Activities

  • Recruitment strategies are rarely considered early enough to begin. At Integrium, we understand that the availability of subjects is the single most important aspect in the new drug development pipeline.
  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria has become more onerous, and we have re-designed our methodology to request ample time before a study start date to begin patient recruitment.

Referring Physicians

  • The Patient Recruitment Team will work with surrounding referring physicians in close proximity to the chosen sites to promote recruitment efforts.
  • Referring physicians are chosen based on database query pulled for specific indication.

Chart Review

  • Multiple day on-site visits from Patient Recruitment Team
  • Database query pulled based on specific indication
  • Recruitment team to pull and review charts to determine eligibility of patients for the study
  • Site is notified of potential eligible patients that require further follow-up and scheduling of appointments
  • Patient Recruitment Team also provides the service of calling eligible patients on behalf of site

Advertising and Call Tracking Platform

  • Patient Recruitment Team creates advertising material for IRB approval
  • Advertise in multiple sources: newspapers, fairs, radio, social media, TV, etc.
  • Apply different tracking numbers per advertisement
  • Use Call Tracking Platform
  • Calls received through advertising are answered and tracked by Patient Recruitment Team members 24 hours a day
  • Due to call forwarding after hours, no calls are unanswered