Study Design and Protocol Development

Good Plans, Great Outcomes

Integrium was founded to bridge the gap between clinical research and the needs and priorities of doctors. Because we are clinicians ourselves we understand both research and the reality that doctors face every day. We are able to use our real-world clinical trial experience for a deeper understanding of cardiovascular, metabolic disease and dermatological issues.

Our clinical expertise means we can design and implement studies and protocols that become a vital element of our clients' success. Our protocols and studies are aimed not only at practicing physicians but also regulatory agencies to help them to make informed decisions, efficiently, speedily and with safety being paramount.

We are able to perform this design and development process with fast turnaround times while addressing any possible challenges and meeting all GCP/ICH guidelines. Our medical officers, bio-statisticians and medical writers all work as a team during this development process to ensure that a study's final outcome reflects clearly understood objectives.

This collaborative process means that any product approvals and market acceptance can be optimized from the start. In this way, you can avoid costly and time-consuming delays and pitfalls along the way.