Complete a Successful Pre-IND Meeting With The FDA

by Sheri Farsakh on 4/22/15

Request a Type B meeting for pre-IND guidance and start building that good rapport with the FDA. Acquire maximum benefit for your strategic plan by engaging the FDA to help facilitate the development process. Although the meeting is not required by the FDA, it is highly recommended and has become more common of a researcher to take this proactive approach prior to undergoing the long and expensive pathway through to regulatory approval.

3 Key Essentials For An Outstanding Biotech Event

by Sheri Farsakh on 4/20/15

In order to create the best environment for a successful biotechnology event to take place, we think 3 key essentials must be met:

The Right Speakers And Topics

Tap into your network of Mavens and construct topics of discussion with specific audience interest in mind

Appropriate Audience

Target your contact list separately by identifying Hot Prospects, Current Customers, and Influencers

Powerful Marketing

Position your event digitally with visual appeal to consider, using all appropriate medium platforms

Regen Med Investor Day – New York

by Sheri Farsakh on 4/1/15

Discussing the invigorating field of regenerative medicine created quite the atmosphere last week when you consider the tremendous potential at hand for investors and patients. Key opinion leaders and life science investment experts and analysts shared their view on the topics at hand:

Gene Therapy Delivery: What can be accomplished with existing vector technology & how should we expect it to evolve?
Adoptive T-Cell Therapies: Considering key upcoming clinical & commercial milestones

The experience took a reviving turn as we spotted some of Integrium's very own clients pitching in front of the various biotech funding groups.