Project Management

Managed for Success

For client convenience and to assure the highest levels of service, Integrium uses a single-point of contact model to manage clinical trial work scopes. Our Project Leaders are experienced and service-oriented and aim to exceed the expectations of the clients when coordinating the integration of internal and external study teams.

These project leaders also give direction and develop proactive strategies to ensure that projects are on track, on time and on budget. All communication and client interaction goes through the Project Leaders.

With their vast experience in cardiovascular, metabolic disease and dermatology trials, our Project Leaders understand the operational variables and clinical details in each workscope. They conduct contingency planning from the start, provide comprehensive surveillance over the course of the study and intervene when needed to keep projects on track. Their expertise at anticipating and mitigating risk makes the Project Leaders an invaluable one-point resource for our clients.

The combined experience and clinical knowledge of Integrium’s Project Leaders adds value to each trial workscope. This is evident in their excellent relationships with our key investigators. These relationships are critical when managing recruitment and keeping sites dynamic.

Project Leaders oversee the following for each trial workscope:

  • Scope of work and timeline expectations
  • Reports of study progress
  • Customized reports and presentations regarding study metrics
  • Coordination of meetings and communication between clients and Integrium teams
  • Budget review and analysis, including tracking, approval of service hours and expenses
  • Validation, tracking and reconciliation of investigator payments
  • Coordination and management of vendor subcontracting
  • Integration and coordination of multiple service providers in collaborative or shared scopes of work

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