BIOCOM CRO Breakfast: Fast Track the Success of your Biopharmaceutical Program


Wed, November 19, 08:00 – 10:00


Coast9; 11120 Roselle, San Diego, CA 92121


Fast Track the Success of your Biopharmaceutical Program In the last two decades, an enormous global research effort has been directed at the development of novel biopharmaceutical products. However, translation of this new knowledge from basic science into novel therapeutics has proven challenging with small biotech companies struggling to achieve successful early stage clinical trials in a timely manner, resulting in product failures and placing the industry under considerable financial strain. Besides achieving timely proof-of-concept, the right financial structure to progress such products through the clinical development pathway is also critical to success. Although many drug candidates in development may be backed by excellent science, these products are only as strong as the regulatory, technical and commercial strategy the developer has established to see them through to the next value inflection point. Adoption of a more sophisticated and global approach to progressing biopharmaceutical programs to proof-of-concept clinical trials is needed to reduce the failure rate of these important products.