Streamlined Studies: Empowered Solutions

Exceptional healthcare data analysis requires more today than it has in the past.

The widespread transition from traditional paper-based data collection to streamlined data took effect for the advancement of accurate and risk prevented healthcare data management. Partnering your business with the right integrated technology platform guarantees a successful clinical trial.

In an effort to improve delivered care and better meet quality measures, the healthcare data revolution calls for computerized and digitized systems in which generate rapid data retrieval and trend analysis fit for business needs.

Two prime examples of paperless, electronic streamlined solutions include EDC and EHR

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)
EDC clinical trial software is designed to collect clinical data with the technology to reduce clinical trial time and improve accuracy while eliminating the risk involved in paper record.

DSG Inc. EDC solution software, eCaseLink, provides an integrated eClinical solution, effectively combining:

  • CTMS
  • EDC
  • IWRS
  • Safety

Electronic Health Record (EHR)
All key clinical data pertaining to a patient, can be recorded and managed electronically to help providers at the clinic level deliver efficient results.

Foveonics Imaging Technologies recognizes the mechanisms needed to take a business to the next level on both the clinic and business side of the practice, offering WorkflowEHR. Their platform allows for:

  • Real-time status and patient flow for providers and staff
  • Record comments and review visit and clinic summaries
  • Track and set all manner of statuses
  • Reduce errors and improve cycle times

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