Integrium’s enrollment skill drives need for real-time tracking


April 13, 2010 - As reported last week, full-service CRO Integrium, a specialist in running trials for dermatology, cardiovascular and metabolic disease treatments, has signed with Phase Forward for the latter's Interactive Response Technology (IRT) trial planning and management solution. Integrium became a Phase Forward customer about a year ago, when it implemented the InForm EDC solution.

The Tustin, CA-based CRO is known for quicker-than-predicted trial enrollment, says COO Eileen McAuley via email. "We have had great success in the enrollment aspect of our trials and in fact this success has created the need for better tools to let us monitor enrollment in real-time."

Phase Forward's IRT solution, she says, will contribute to automating the enrollment-tracking aspect of Integrium's clinical research services. Some trials in the past, she says, involved no interactive voice response or Internet-based tools and required manual management of enrollment status. The CRO will roll out IRT in its newly launched dermatology service as well as its traditional cardiovascular and metabolic services. The goal is efficiency at the site level for both enrollment tracking and supply management, she says.