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MALVERN, Pa., May 28, 2015 — DSG, a leader in electronic data capture (EDC), today announced Integrium has signed an Enterprise Licensing Agreement for DSG’s eCaseLink solutions and services.

DSG's clinical trial software technology eCaseLink, is a unique proprietary, user friendly-EDC interface providing immediate feedback for users, accelerating data collection and ensuring consistent, high quality data in real time. eCaseLink is a truly integrated solution that seamlessly combines EDC, eSource, Risk-Based Monitoring, ePRO, IWRS, Clinical Supply, Safety, Site Payments and CTMS into a single harmonized system. Integrium’s study builders trained in the use of the DSG Designer tools expect to speedily deliver full and function-rich EDC systems including automated randomization adaptive to any clinical trial using the latest statistical methods, and also quick mid-study changes. Integrium will configure eCaseLink’s Risk-Based Monitoring adaptive intelligent technology to fit various Monitoring Plans, workflows, and constantly changing realities at Sites.

Integrium will also use DSG’s eClinDirectTM CTMS and Site Payment Module, with payment trigger rules configured to trigger from activity within the fully integrated eCaseLink EDC.

“After years of using DSG’s highly regarded EDC platform, we’re delighted at the opportunity of being able to offer DSG’s eCaseLink EDC directly to our clients along with the integrated CTMS, Site Payment, Protocol Deviation and Safety System Modules that unify and simplify the logistics of electronic trial management within a single enterprise system. We believe that these unified modules and accompanying cutting-edge features like Risk-Based monitoring not only increase our efficiency, but enable us to provide more comprehensive, cost-effective and selective solutions to our clients.” David Smith, MD

“We have enjoyed working with Integrium as a full-service EDC partner and watching their growth over the past four years,” said Tony Varano, CEO of DSG. “We are currently working with their team through their enterprise adoption of our eCaseLink EDC, IWRS, Risk-Based Monitoring, CTMS and Site Payment software products and will continue to support them through the years ahead.”

About DSG
DSG, Inc. supports clinical data capture and management with a proprietary, organically integrated suite of award-winning user-friendly technology solutions, including flagship
eCaseLink™ EDC, Risk-Based Monitoring, eSource, ePRO, IWRS, Clinical Supply Systems, Safety System, and CTMS. Since 1992, DSG has successfully supported thousands of clinical trials for over 400 companies and 25,000 sites across 93 countries, headquartered in Malvern, Pa., with additional offices in the U.S. and Asia:

About Integrium Clinical Research
Integrium Clinical Research helps Micro Cap, Small Cap and Privately held Biotechs looking to raise additional rounds of financing, by providing new clinical data, to create the next bump in
valuation. Areas of Therapeutic Specialization: Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Renal, Inflammatory, Dermatology, Wound Healing, Gene Therapy, and Orphan Diseases. Integrium offers a turnkey
solution to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients by offering a full range of services that include Study Design and Protocol Development, Project Management, Medical Monitoring, Data Management and Biostatistics.


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