From the Trenches: Are you ready to IPO?


Thu, November 6, 11:00am – 1:30pm


Janssen Labs - 3210 Merryfield Row - San Diego, CA 92121


For details, click here: 2013 was the year of the IPO for the biotech community with over 40 biotech companies going public, but how is 2014 stacking up? There appears to be no end in sight but even in this seemingly wide open window, not all life science companies should or could go public. If a potential IPO is on your radar screen, join us for an honest and transparent workshop about lessons learned and key insights from those who have recently traveled the road to IPO.

The workshop will include detailed checklists from legal, accounting and communication professionals regarding the most important points to consider as you transition to a public company. Other questions answered include:

  • Am I ready to go public?
  • What are the most critical questions to ask on the road to IPO?
  • How long will the window hold?
  • What's life like after going public?

The "How to... Workshop" series is dedicated to giving you the keys to a successful business, from creation to exit. As with all our events, the "How to... Workshop" is interactive and informal so bring your questions with you!

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