CRO Best Practices How to Build a High Performance Workforce


Thu, January 29, 8am – 10am


Coast9, 11120 Roselle San Diego CA 92121


How to Build a High Performance WorkforceQuality anything is a combination of:

=Raw Material, Design and Workmanship

=Doug Walker, M.S.

=Author: A-ha! Performance: Building and Managing a Self-Motivated Workforce, Wiley Press, 2007
=Manager, HR Services, Insperity’s San Diego OfficePeople are the “raw material” of a company. Leadership’s vision is the “design”. Managers’ practices are the “workmanship” that brings the leader’s visions to life through the company’s employees.

=What metrics do you track in order to know the health of your organization? According to “The Service Profit Chain”, the links to success we should track are:

=If we want the Revenue...

Þlight the Customer so they buy and keep buying! If we want to Delight our Customers...

=Produce and deliver great Products AND Service. Will disgruntled employees produce and deliver great products and service?

=Only gruntled employees will consistently produce and deliver the exceptional products and services that delight and retain customers so that they continue buying from us.

=The lesson from the Service Profit Chain is, if we want the money; take great care of our people so that they stay engaged and effective. Some leadership and management practices are more effective at doing that than others.

=Doug Walker, Manager of HR Services in Insperity’s San Diego Office will share some practical insights and practices for hiring, leading and managing great people in ways that result in increasingly successful organizations.Who Should Attend: Presidents, CEOs, COOs, Managers, Owners and Founders of Life Science Companies, and CROs that want to learn ways to improve the engagement and effectiveness of their employees.