Biocom: CRO Workshop


Thu, April 10, 8am – 10am


4510 Executive Drive, Plaza 7, San Diego, CA 92121



Strategies for discovering and analyzing novel biomarkers using three distinct technologies

Our body continually regulates the expression of various molecules in response to the physiological and pathological changes. In the recent years, discovery and analysis of these molecules, the biomarkers, has become important in many aspects of drug development, patient selection for clinical trials and diagnostics development. Biomarkers help to identify potential drug targets as well as predict toxicities and help with successful preclinical studies saving millions of dollars. Similarly, many biomarkers play important roles in diagnostic applications such as patient selection for clinical trials and companion diagnostics as treatment options in helping to detect diseases. Therefore, biomarkers are increasingly being used to guide both preclinical drug development as well as clinical trial outcome.

In this informative workshop, we will discuss three distinct technologies used in biomarker discovery and analysis: bioanalytical, immunohistochemical and genomic approaches.

Dan Kassel, PhD: Founder and CEO, SciAnalytical
Jeffrey Shaman, Ph.D.: Business Development Lead, Translational Genomics, GeneWiz
Aruna Somasiri, PhD. MBA: President, Wax-it Histology Services Inc.

Richard Lin, PhD, CEO, Explora BioLabs

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