Integrium, LLC to Attend RESI San Diego 2017

By: Emily MacHale

Tustin, CA – Integrium, LLC announced they will be attending RESI San Diego 2017 on June 19, 2017. RESI allows life science companies to connect with investors that come from backgrounds related to Virtual Pharma, Angels, Venture Philanthropy, Patient Groups, Corporate Development, and more.

Integrium, LLC to Attend Alliance for Regenerative Medicine 5th Annual Cell & Gene Investor Day in Boston!

By: Emily MacHale

Tustin, CA – Executives of the Integrium team will be in Boston during the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine 5th Annual Cell & Gene Investor Day on April 27th, 2017. On this one day filled with opportunity for investors to collaborate with advanced therapeutic biotechs, Integrium seeks to meet and gain insight on how they can be of help to numerous life science experts.

Get a second opinion for your RFP or budget

Should my biotech get a second opinion?

Have you had the same family doctor, the same dentist, and the same eye doctor…. for your entire life?

What if someone told you that there are thousands upon thousands of other doctors out there that could give you more feedback, alternative options or even lower pricing?

As a Clinical CRO partner to many, Integrium wants biotechnology Executives and Managers to choose Integrium as THE second opinion for your RFP and/or budget.

Integrium, LLC Executives to Attend DCAT Week 2017!

By: Emily MacHale

Tustin, CA – Members of the Integrium Executive Management Team will be attending DCAT Week 2017 in New York City on March 20th through 23rd. DCAT Week 2017 is different from previous years because of the improvements and changes to many of the meeting spaces, networking events, venues, and more.

Integrium, LLC Launches Newly Revamped Company Website

Tustin, CA – Integrium, LLC, a full-service Clinical Proof of Concept (PoC) Firm, announced today the launch of its newly revamped company website. This updated website offers quick and easy navigation throughout the company’s portals of clinical trial therapeutic experience and key CRO services with detailed information.