Advancing diabetes therapies, integrium clinical research finds the sweet spot


Tustin, Calif. – November 22, 2010 – November is American Diabetes Month and Integrium LLC, a Contract Research Organization (CRO) with a therapeutic focus on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, is at the forefront of clinical research to improve diabetes treatment. Eileen McAuley, Chief Operating Officer of Integrium, explains that the company has conducted 18 clinical trials of interventions for diabetes at 557 study sites. In addition to trials targeting diabetes, Integrium has conducted more than 100 cardiovascular and renal disease trials, which have an impact on diabetes care since diabetes is a leading cause of kidney failure and more than two-thirds of people with diabetes die of heart disease or stroke.

Integrium’s dedicated team of clinical researchers specializing in diabetes has pioneered therapies to improve the quality of life for people living with diabetes. Integrium’s Director of Project Management and Field Operations, Liza Moore, heads up a team with special expertise in wound healing. She explains that diabetic foot ulcers are among the most serious complications of the disease and untreated, often result in infection and amputation. “Our experience encompasses not only drugs to help manage blood glucose, but also medical devices such as bioengineered tissue products to speed wound healing. We are interested in preventing complications and effective treatment for those that can not be prevented.”

Integrium founder Dr. David H. G. Smith observes that the diabetes epidemic is not limited to the U.S. “One of our recent diabetes trials followed subjects in India, which has the largest diabetes population in the world, as well as subjects in the United States.” With its global reach, Integrium has completed trials in North America, Central and South America, the European Union and Asia for 12 of the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies.

About Diabetes

The United States is in the throes of a diabetes epidemic. An estimated 24 million children and adults have diabetes. Another 57 million others have pre-diabetes, elevated blood glucose levels that increase their risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

One in ten American adults has diabetes and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that number could triple in the coming decades. The disease is the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S. and it is likely to be underreported as a cause of death.

Diabetes is a leading cause of kidney failure, blindness, amputations and pregnancy complications. Tighter blood glucose control reduces the symptoms and life-threatening complications of diabetes.

About Integrium, LLC

Integrium is a full-service clinical research organization (CRO) designing, conducting, and analyzing clinical trials for pharmaceutical research in dermatology, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. It is committed to focused, specialized and long-term personalized service to its partners. It has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality management of clinical development programs. Combining the Integrium Clinical Excellence (ICE) study start-up and management methodology and therapeutic expertise leads sponsors to more confident, better-informed drug and device development decisions. For more information please visit