Despite market volatility, 2018 has been on an astounding year for the biotech companies.

By: Kevin Cho

Despite market volatility, 2018 has been on an astounding year for the biotech companies. The landscape for initial public offerings (IPOs) has caught the attention of many. Particularly in Massachusetts, which has record 13 IPOs since the beginning of the year, raising a combined $1.3 billion. This in comparison to 2014 exceeds Massachusetts’ biotechs raising $1.2 BIL and the year is yet to be over.

Another exciting sector of biotech is the growth of digital health startups and the fields of incorporating artificial intelligence (A.I.) to its technology. As many have expected the epidemic of A.I. to cross over to biotech, it is likely that this will be a huge part of the industry in the near future. How Integrium as a company plays a role in advanced technology such as these is that Integrium has the advantage of having 20 years of experience with variety of therapies within its portfolio. Since A.I. is reliant on data, Integrium can provide this in volumes to increase accuracy and precision of the field of interest.

With the recent boom of biotech IPOs, one may argue that there have been a huge collective raise, but the number of companies is less than its previous year. Though 2017 may have had more IPOs in 9 months of the year, but the capital raise is considerably different. As stated by Forbes, venture capitalists invested about $10.6 billion into healthcare within the first half of 2018. Though the number of companies may be less, there have been a significant increase in investments in the biotech sector.

Alongside this enthusiasm in the biotech market, Integrium strives to collaborate and assist alongside some of the key players to bring their innovations to the market. As all signs are pointing to the continued growth in biotech market, Integrium will grow in parallel with this market growth.

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