Get a second opinion for your RFP or budget

Should my biotech get a second opinion?

Have you had the same family doctor, the same dentist, and the same eye doctor…. for your entire life?

What if someone told you that there are thousands upon thousands of other doctors out there that could give you more feedback, alternative options or even lower pricing?

As a Clinical CRO partner to many, Integrium wants biotechnology Executives and Managers to choose Integrium as THE second opinion for your RFP and/or budget.

The plus side to a small CRO

Branching outside of the usual large CRO suspects and coming to Integrium can open up numerous doors of flexibility with pricing, personal one-on-one relationships, open communication, and direct-line access to key clinical and business executives.

Within our niche areas of expertise, Integrium strives to be the top CRO with services and offerings like none other. Relationship focused and privately owned, we have the opportunity for price flexibility, financing options for micro-caps with open shelf registration, full service CRO offerings, a la carte clinical services, and beyond.

“It is better to be a bigfish in a small pond than a small fish in a mighty ocean”

Many times, small biotechs have more difficulty working with large CROs than a small biotech has working with a properly-sized CRO. Being on the same playing field tends to have better advantages when it comes to communication, financial concerns, and common goals.

No matter what size biotech you are, set yourself up for success by coming to Integrium for a second opinion on your RFP and/or budget to see how we can make a difference, together, in your world today.