Why You Should Always Listen to Your Gut

Do you ever get the feeling that you are alone? Well, stop right there! Little do you know, you are home to trillions of bacteria that all live together and go by the name of your microbiome. There are over 100 trillion microorganisms that live in your gut, mouth, skin, and other surfaces of your body, leaving you to be the farthest thing from alone.

The human microbiome is made up of bacteria, archaea, viruses, and eukaryotic microbes that live in and on our bodies. Like everything else, these microbiomes can contribute to our physiology in significant ways. Impacting metabolic functions, protecting against pathogens, and controlling the immune system, the microbiome plays a huge role in the physiological functions of health, disease, and more.

The majority of our microbes, 99 percent to be exact, live in our digestive tract. Bacteria begins to form in our human digestive system quickly after our birth, calculating the number of bacteria being anywhere from 300 to 1,000 species. Benefiting positively from this bacteria, our bodies do not attack them as they appear to the immune system as cells instead of invaders.

Integrium, LLC has extensive microbiome-related experience provided through a powerful database of 2,000+ screened microbiome patients who are interested in stool-based studies. In addition to a vast database, Integrium provides physical examinations to determine qualifying subjects and interim medical screens to ensure those subjects continue to meet study criteria.

Integrium, LLC is home to a Phase I first in man unit with a full-service CRO in Tustin, CA. Study- related stool samples are held and processed in a specialized hood, separate bathroom facilities for subjects are available, and dining and lounge areas are open to subjects for comfortability and recreational use.

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By: Emily MacHale