Phase I/II Study for Essential Hypertension Screening Performed On Time

By: Emily MacHale
June 29, 2016

Tustin, CA – Integrium Clinical Research announced their on time screening goal completion for their phase I/II study for essential hypertension, with a total of 52 patients. The screenings were completed on two separate days within a two-week time frame, implementing 22 screenings on the first day and 30 screenings on the second day.

The screenings included everything from physical examinations and lab collections to blood pressure readings on all patients, resulting in varying outcomes. With only some screen failures, the majority of patients that were screened were qualified to participate in the study.

Following the screening, patients will go through a one-week washout period to qualify for the next step in the treatment process. Once qualified, they are admitted to the PK (Pharmacokinetics) Unit where they will stay for the treatment.

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