How to Mind the Gap in Ethnobridging Clinical Trials


By Emily MacHale
June 6, 2016

Why are Ethnobridging clinical trials so vital in the biopharmaceutical industry today? Global companies are consistently collecting Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean early phase data in clinical development to fulfill specific goals. Aside from Asia being an incredible business opportunity, companies are looking to expand value in new markets, use data for partnering discussions, facilitate further clinical trials in Asian countries, and more.

Looking for a way to conduct Ethnobridging clinical trials in the United States? Integrium is your answer to collecting clinical trial data in specific Asian populations without having to leave the U.S.! Integrium’s unit is housed in one of the largest first generation Asian communities outside of Asia (Orange and Los Angeles County, California). Experienced in conducting successful Ethnobridging trials over the past five years, Integrium recruits patients and conducts trials in our phase I facility in Irvine, California, with access to participant recruiters and clinical personnel fluent in Asian languages.

With the help of Integrium, your company will have access to diverse ethnic groups and the support of a CRO with over 20 years’ experience.